Historical Sayings From Fellow Georgia Men Of The Past

Ralph David Abernathy, one of the men who founded the Southern Christian Leadership Council, was instrumental both in the formation of the council and in the creation of it’s famous motto for civil disobedience: “Not one hair of one head of one white person shall be harmed.” The message of countering oppressive laws and practices without physical retaliation resonated across people of all color and political persuasions.

George Busbee, the 77th Governor of Georgia, came into office during a time of political cynicism following the Watergate scandal and a period of Georgia history when no governor had been able to win re-election.I found some more information here. His inaugural address featured the quote: “The people are tired of personal bickering, petty infighting, and political clatter.” Governor Busbee embodied that message with his soft-manner gentle leadership style and became the first governor to win re-election in Georgia state history.

W. E. B. Du Bois, is a famous author and founder of the NAACP formed his views on humanity and equality in the fierce fire of Jim Crow laws and violence against black people. Part of his effort to gain equality became known as the “talented tenth” – those African-Americans who would, by their unmatched accomplishments in education and science, break-down barriers towards the progress of other African-Americans.