What Did Allen West Really Say About Atlanta?

Allen West is the black republican congressman from the 22nd district of Florida that everyone finds to be very controversial because he openly speaks his mind in public. Allen West grew up as a boy in the same Atlanta neighborhoods that Martin Luther King lived used to live in. Which is why his comments about Atlanta and gay people have many people scratching their heads in confusion.

However, Allen is known for his colorful analogies such as when he stated that he likes a certain flavor of ice cream and that no one ever had to worry about that changing. This was basically his way of stating that it is his choice as to which type of ice cream he likes and whether he wants to switch it or not.

What it boils down to is he is comparing is a person’s choice of being gay to choosing the flavor of ice cream they prefer. However, he then references that choices can be changed if the person wants to change. When he talks about Atlanta he references how many of the people there have changed by becoming more acceptable of people who choose to be gay than in the past.